January 20, 2018
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Check out – Clime-IT CrowdInvesting 4 Climate Change Solutions | Indiegogo

Check out Climate-IT an initiative that aims to help clean-tech businesses looking for capital to access funding by allowing “the crowd” to invest in Climate Change Solutions. The team behind Climate-IT is composed of scientists, academics, financial modelers, platform ...

Jake Porway, founder and executive director of DataKind, gives a great insight of how it has realized  that using data science in the service of humanity requires much more than free software, free labor, and good intentions. So ...
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Rich Ling, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,Veronika Karnowski Ludwig-Maximilians, Universität München, Germany, Thilo von Pape, University of Hohenheim, Germany, Steve Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. Mobile Media & Communication is a peer-reviewed forum for international, interdisciplinary academic ...