ICTD2016 Workshop



Workshop on ICTD Innovation across countries to be held at ICTD2016

Call for Workshop Presentations

Communication technologies (ICTs) have become more pervasive, more accessible, and more relevant in the lives of people around the world. Virtually no sphere of human activity remains apart from ICTs, from markets to health care, education to governance, family life to artistic expression. Diverse groups across the world interact with, are affected by, and can shape the design of these technologies. The ICTD workshop is a place to understand these interactions, and to examine, critique, and refine the persistent, pervasive hope that ICTs can be enlisted by individuals and communities in the service of human development. There are multidisciplinary challenges associated with the engineering, application and adoption of ICTs in developing regions and/or for development, with implications for design, policy, and practice.

For the purposes of this workshop, the term “ICT” comprises electronic technologies for information processing and communication, as well as systems, interventions, and platforms that are built on such technologies. “Development” includes, but is not restricted to, poverty alleviation, education, agriculture, healthcare, general communication, gender equality, governance, infrastructure, environment and sustainable livelihoods. The workshop  will reflect the multidisciplinary nature of ICTD research, with anticipated contributions from fields including (but not limited to) anthropology, computer science, communication, design, economics, electrical engineering, geography, human-computer interaction, information science, information systems, political science, public health, and sociology.

Therefore, we are holding a workshop in the ICTD  2016 conference with the purpose to offer attendees, who will not formally present a paper, a note or a demo, a forum to introduce and discuss the projects or initiatives in which they are currently involved in their country in a fast track way. This platform will allow presenters and attendees to have a different perspective and understanding of the realities of ICTD in different countries.




Keynote Speaker

Youyang Hou
University of Michigan



Youyang Hou (Keynote Talk)

University of Michigan

Nonprofits and Social Media
Claudia Flores-Saviaga

Government Veracruz,Mexico/

West Virginia University

Guided Volunteering for Quality Work in Nonprofits
Andres    Santos


Use Electricity to Create

Autonomous Self Watering Plants and Trees for Smart Homes and Cities.

Sara Vannini

University of Washington Information School – TASCHA Group

Innovating Public Access for the Next Two Billion: The Challenge of Mobile Information Literacy
Emilia Ruvalcaba  and Walter Angel Infrarural Designing Renewable Energy Technologies
Erick García


 Conecte: The Social Network of Social Actions.
Alejandra Monroy


Crowdsourcing to Help Stray Dogs.

Closing Keynote 

Angus Forbes

University of Illinois at Chicago




claudia saiph benjamin
Claudia Flores-Saviaga Saiph Savage  Benjamin Akinmoyeje
Government Veracruz, Mexico/

West Virginia University

West Virginia University

Management Sciences for

Health & National Open University of Nigeria


 Contact: saviaga@gmail.com