Ouishare2016 Workshop

Dance for a Collaborative World!


This workshop is proud to be part of the Ouishare Fest 2016!
OuiShare Fest gathers creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across the globe to explore the edges of the economy, society and ourselves. The fest involves 4 days of deep conversation, experimentation and collaboration to work on creative solutions to the complex issues of our times.


The objective of this  workshop is twofold: (1) generate a framework of the  technology needed to incorporate developing countries in the collaborative economy; (2) produce rapid prototypes showcasing the framework’s vision.  To accomplish this,  we create dance and music opportunities that connect with these developing regions, and have a micro-hackathon through which participants will prototype their ideas and experiment with creating technology for the developing world.

*Micro-Hackathon and Keynote

We will work together to hack and create new  instruments for the collaborative economy in the developing world. The instruments will be build from trash and residuals from first world countries.

This micro-hackathon designed by UNAM film-maker and curator Daniel Valdez will be a sensorial experience that will push all participants to be creators and to think how we can innovate from  the first world garbage that we dump into third world countries.

While we hack away on our instruments, participants will listen and engage in discussions with our Keynote speaker Alexis Story Crawshaw,  a composer and  doctoral researcher in intersensorial composition using infrasounds.

*Music and Dance Festival

We will do a music festival where we will use the instruments we build to manifest future of collaborative economy in developing world.  Participants are free to dance and use their body to express themselves as well.

Our hope is that the music, dance and micro hackathon will  inspire love for the developing world,  and inspire participants to produce useful technology that involves more people in the collaborative economy.



Alexis Crawshaw: UCSB, Media Arts and Technology



Daniel Valdez: National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Media Arts and Technology
Saiph Savage:  UNAM, Computer Engineering
Claudia Flores-Saviaga: Government of the State of Veracruz, Mexico
Liliana Savage: Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Joel Dietz: Love Nest